The world of advertising is now in a new age, and people are using mobile devices at an all time high.

It is said that by the year 2020 more than 90% of the internet will be accessed through mobile devices. It is also said that the old way of advertising, and trying to get people to read a bunch of text, while looking at an image is gradually fading away.

We are in an age where video content is king, and the first 3 seconds of your video has to be captivating, or you might risk losing your potential customer/lead.

People want to buy, but people hate being sold to. People might not buy the first time that they see your brand, but if you constantly occupy their phone screens with your ads that are also entertaining, then this is a mix that will surely leave them with a good taste in their mouth when it comes to your brand.

If you aren’t focused on video ads, and creating great content then you are falling behind, and you’re at risk of being outpaced by your competition.

Have no fear, we are here!!!!

Ok, so we kind of have the ability to put together great mobile video campaigns that can be funny, intriguing, engaging and also enlightening for your customer.

I’m not sure if you’re aware or not, but Facebook has changed it’s algorithm and it is now focusing on the most engaging content that people take genuine interest in. We are here to basically create content that will bring you that mobile sale or lead because let’s face it, if you aren’t relevant today with your audience who are on mobile devices, then you are bringing your business down the wrong path.

Remember Blockbuster video went down the wrong path, and allowed Netflix to put them out of business.

Let us help you with your video and mobile marketing.

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