When we work with you, the first thing that we do is figure out how we are going to help you with your growth.

We will sit down, and come up with the most cost-effective, and the most comprehensive plan. A plan that will certainly shape your brand, and give you a digital edge.

We not only come up with fun, and creative marketing tactics to help you attract your ideal customer/client, but we also study your competition.

The reason that we study your competition is because we believe that in order to stay ahead; you must always focus on how to keep the lead above your competitors.

Everything that we do is cost-effective, and is done with the thought of giving you more value for every dollar spent, and under the notion that every dollar spent should be an investment, so that you can get at least two dollars back on that dollar as a good return.


Here is a good example of how we helped an e-commerce company boost their sales.

The numbers that you see here was from under six months of working an active Facebook campaign.

Before the e-commerce site came to us they were throwing away their money at Facebook ads, and weren’t able to get a decent return on their Adspend.

They went to various marketing agencies, and still didn’t see any results before coming to us.

What we did was come-up with a realistic Growth Strategy.

We focused on their core audience, and what this audience would like. We studied their competition, and looked at the best sellers in this market, and saw what they were doing right, and also what they were doing wrong.

This gave us the opportunity to see the potential holes, and see the customers who wanted the product, but had no idea how to get it.

This was a goldmine, and at this moment was when we knew that we had a good thing going.

We focused on this audience, and gradually warmed them up. The sales started coming in, and a little under six months an e-commerce store that was losing money started to gain money, and it surpassed a quarter million in sales.

We take marketing as an art form, and whether you’re an e-commerce site, a Doctor’s office, a Realtor , or any other small or mid-size business we will place a great amount of effort, and precise targeting to bring you the valuable customers/clients.

“We Solve Problems.”


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